Author Topic: Corona Renderer 6 for 3ds Max - Daily Builds Changelog  (Read 22878 times)

2020-07-21, 23:15:53
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  • Improvements
    • Improved 4K cache precomputation speed, leading also to faster IR
    • Autobump is now turned on if the user clicks on the warning message about 2.5D displacement and if the scene is older than Corona 3.
    • Noise level is now not shown in VFB when using "Render only masks"
    • Corona toolbar now uses High-DPI icons in 3ds Max 2017 and newer.
    • 'X' menu (global search menu) now offers actions from the Corona toolbar and keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to them.
    • It is possible to add 3ds Max’s buttons to our toolbar and vice versa.
    • Removed Corona's top bar menu from 3ds Max (the functionality is replaced by Corona’s toolbar)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed issue where rendering with Blowup mode caused 4K cache to generate too many records.
    • Fixed crashes in some corrupted scenes
    • Fixed crash when using CoronaColorCorrect map with curves
    • Fixed issue where instances generated by MultiScatter were not scattered when distance map was used for density slot.
    • CoronaDistance map “no object” shader no longer changes hue with different EV
    • Fixed issue where user could not use hex input in CoronaColor map.
    • Fixed incorrect computation of opacity when CoronaColor map is used in the opacity channel
    • Fixed black artifacts in the CTexmap render element when AO map and materials with opacity are used
    • Fixed issue where native Max VFB was not refreshed during rendering
    • Fixed: Incorrect gamma error message not showing in logs
    • Fixed: Editing curves in CoronaColorCorrect map during IR causes the IR to constantly refresh
    • Fixed adaptivity when parts of the scene are excluded (using render selection, etc.).
    • Fixed a bug that caused that using render element with no filtering may have lead to incorrect accumulation of other render elements.
    • Fixed wrong evaluation of render elements when using opacity.
    • Fixed issue where one could not use linear interpolation for curves in CoronaColorCorrect. Selecting linear interpolation led to reverting back to cubic and restarting IR twice.
    • Fixed crashing when using CoronaColorCorrect and CoronaUvwRandomizer with “Randomize each tile” and “High quality blending” enabled
    • CTexmap render element is no longer propagated as masks
    • World displacement size is reduced by 1.5 if 2.5D displacement is enabled in the warning log for legacy scenes.

2020-07-29, 23:22:39
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RC1, entering the final stretch

  • Optimized user properties storage in geometry. This should especially help in speed and memory requirements when parsing “extreme” scatter scenes.
  • Added standalone export support for 3ds Max ColorCorrect map
  • Added standalone export support for 3ds Max Falloff map
  • Added clamping of light mtl intensity to ensure that the value is really between the min max specified in the paramblock (Could have been raised higher by max script or baking light mix).
  • CoronaColorCorrect - Curve interpolation mode is no longer changed when hitting reset button. Also interpolation mode is correctly displayed when changing curve type or loading curves.
  • When opening older scenes, CoronaUvwRandomizer blending weight will be set to 0 instead of the default value 0.25, to preserve old behavior and prevent any performance hit.
    • Unfortunately due to a glitch this also resets the blending weight in all scenes saved prior to this daily build, sorry for that.
    • You can use the attached script to quickly set blending of all CoronaUvwRandomizer maps in a scene to a specific value. By default it sets everything to the default value 0.25, but you can easily edit this value at the top of the script.
  • Further optimization of precomputation of 4K Cache
    • Speedup is up to 2 times in normal rendering, up to 6x times in IR (when just moving camera)
    • We'll be continuing with more optimizations in further builds.
  • Fixed issue where light mix values were randomly overridden
  • EULA changes:
    • Added notice on the use of trademarks and other logos belonging to Chaos Czech or its partners (article 8) and updated our privacy information with a reference for a further reading to our Privacy Notice (article 15).
    • Otherwise we did stylistic and technical changes allowing the EULA to be used with other software we may provide.
  • Refactored Bezier curves support in Corona. This gives better match of curves between Corona Standalone and 3dsmax for e.g. Output map
  • Added reporting of warnings & errors during 3ds Max map substitution
  • Added option to reset the settings in the new bloom & glare aperture editor
  • Fixed CoronaColorCorrect connected to bump slot not producing any bump when brightness adjustment was set to 0
  • Changed the new bloom & glare default size to 15
  • Toolbar starts even in first session of fresh install (or after ENU folder removal) of 3ds Max 2017 or older.
  • In Customize User Interface toolbar actions moved from Corona to Corona Renderer category.
  • Deprecated Corona top bar menu is now properly removed during 3dsMax startup.
  • Bloom & Glare "custom aperture" editor checkbox is grayed out when disabled
  • Warning is shown when rendering masks only with noise limit (when pass and time limits are not set)
  • IR subsampling and “dissolve with previous” options moved from devel/experimental rollout of render settings to system settings. This also means that these options are now per-computer, not per-scene.

I forgot to mention one important update - we've added anonymous product usage statistics to Corona. This will allow us to make more informed decisions where to focus our future efforts, knowing which features are used the most. It is enabled in default, but you can turn it off/on in the very first screen of the installer and/or later from 3ds Max in the System Settings dialog.

In short what we're gathering is:
  • Which components are selected in the installer. I.e. how many poeple do install CIE.
  • Which versions of 3ds Max are used and with which plugins.
  • What resolutions are rendered and what types of objects are in the rendered scene.
  • Some statistics about the finished render - ray/s, memory usage, number of unique/instanced primitives, etc.
To see which data is gathered in detail you can use the "Save message preview to a file" button under the "Product usage data" section of the System Settings dialog. This button will save product usage messages generated from the current 3ds Max session to a human readable text file. Even when the product usage data sending is currently disabled, you can still use this button as a preview of what would be sent if this was enabled.
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2020-08-11, 15:18:38
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  • Added possibility to add secondary GI precomputation time into VFB render stamp - with %pts
  • When the environment is visible through a reflection or refraction during mask propagation, the result is now a black color instead of the mask of the reflecting/refracting object.
  • Fixed crash when saving scene with Corona Scatter switched to point cloud display mode.
  • Fixed freeze when loading some Corona Scatter scenes.
  • Fixed material library layout when displaying materials with long names
  • Fixed crash when modifying material in the material editor while IR is running when “Enable material editor” option in the IR section of system settings is disabled.
  • Fixed issues appearing in light material (exclusion and black enviro after hidden in mask works for light material now)

2020-08-19, 23:20:03
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  • Fixed crash when exporting 3dsmax bitmaps to standalone
  • Fixed crash in some cases where motion blur is used with changing mesh topology
  • Standalone export:
    • Fixed crash when exporting more than 40M triangles
    • Old displacement is forced on export since standalone does not support the new grid displacement yet
  • Improved error detection when loading cgeo meshes - both for corona proxies and loading exported geometry in standalone
  • Memory statistics are now available through maxscript
  • Fixed differences in rendering on different CPUs (mostly Intel vs AMD)
  • Added clamp tiling mode to Corona Bitmap
  • Added new materials to the Corona material library
    • 13 new concrete materials
    • 31 new ceramic tile materials

2020-08-21, 20:21:15
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  • 4K cache was marked as experimental and UHD cache was reverted as default secondary solver
  • Fixed 'Now' update button in Corona Lister listing scatters.
  • Fixed Corona Scatter wrongly scaling instances displayed in the viewport after clearing the scale map slot.
  • Improved user experience in Corona Scatter scenes using high-poly distribute-on objects. It is faster now.
  • Fixed maxscript function getStatistic returning slightly different value for rays/s from what we display in VFB stats.
  • Fixed masks being generated incorrectly for objects with opacity less than 0.5 when mask propagation is disabled
  • Added missing support of SiNi SiClone sweeps
  • Fixed occasional crash during parsing when scene contains mesher compound object
  • Fixed distance map not working in displacement modifier

2020-08-25, 22:58:29
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  • Fixed wrongly greyed out “next” button in licensing dialog.
  • Fixed 4K cache not distributing precompute samples evenly across the rendered image.
  • Scene parsing time is now accessible through MAXScript (CoronaRenderer.CoronaFp.getStatistic(14))
  • The warning about incorrect normals is no longer shown when the map is disabled
  • Fix of random crash with the ColorCorrect curves editor in linear interpolation mode
  • Fixed Corona Scatter to trigger recomputation on scale map change.
  • Renamed inputs of some Corona maps that are shown in the slate material editor, to make them overall more consistent (e.g. texmap vs map vs color)
  • Fixed different material editor preview of Corona bitmap and Max bitmap when the map channel is other than 1 (now the previews are the same)
  • Material preview functionality added to the new version of Corona Standalone (use --material-preview-help on command line to get more details)

2020-08-27, 23:17:31
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  • Fixed the “unsupported parameter used” warning sometimes name of different map than the one which triggered the warning (when the experimental “use standalone maps” option is used)
  • Fixed loading of .acv files in curve editor
  • Fix of crash during changing time on timeline due to double initialization of some materials
  • Fixed Standalone incorrectly interpreting paths containing spaces
  • Fixed NaNs in certain cases
  • Material library
    • Fixed the “incorrect normals gamma” warning in material Concrete Plates Dirty
    • Fixed missing bump map in plaster materials