Author Topic: 3ds max heavy lag caused by an auto running powershell  (Read 1214 times)

2019-06-13, 09:35:54

Christa Noel

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i experienced some heavy lags in my 3ds max these few days. then in task manager i found a powershell process is using almost 100% cpu.
i assumed that is a malware thing. antivirus scan gaves some results but nothing to do with that powershell process.
kill it in task manager makes my max running smooth again, but still run again on each windows session.

i'm not sure what is that thing and what does that script actually do
do you guys have some similar experience like this? please help


2019-06-13, 10:20:01
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Powershell is new tool like command line, and virus may use it for opening backdoor to your PC. it may goes something wrong and it load cpu it is lucky for you what you notices, try to scan with different antivirus and tools to find culprits what is runing powershell, check autorun,running services and schedule tasks.
I was infected i think  similar virus from freelance site what was share via clients image, and only 5 antiviruses on that time was recognize virus on virustotal