Author Topic: Sorry for the recent lack of updates  (Read 8396 times)

2016-06-15, 13:12:19


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I'd like to apologize for the recent lack of updates. Over the past few months I have been focusing more and more on the development of the Corona rendering core and its infrastructure which unfortunately had negative impact on the speed of SketchUp plugin development. This has been more extreme during the last few weeks when one of our developers quit and I am now stepping up to take his place on the Corona team.

I always tried to reserve at least some time for the SketchUp development, but now I am forced to admit that this won't be possible in the future and someone else needs to take my place as a SketchUp plugin developer.

I'll get back to SketchUp (at least for some time) once my work on Corona 1.5 is done. With any luck I'll be able to fix a few bugs and implement next major feature (lighting) before being swamped by core-related work again.

In the meantime we are interviewing candidates for my replacement.


We are definitely not abandoning the plugin. There has been some reorganization of the Corona team and we're currently looking for my replacement in the position of SketchUp plugin developer.

2016-06-18, 12:55:56
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Thanks for the update Ryuu, and really appreciate you and your team's effort. I hope you and the company's growth is exponential and practices sustainable growth culture. Work can wait. always

2016-06-20, 11:32:32
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Don´t worry Ryuu, I think the same as Spadestick. I´m sure that corona for sketchup will be great!
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2016-06-22, 14:45:38
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William Yan

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yes! I believe in you guys! And want to help making corona for su better! Hope you reply my request email. :)