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i just use lamp-case inside the cabinet that looks glow a bit.. and i don't need to light the cabin inside.

But anyway this problem is being resolved
- background diffuse color is changed to 180,180,180
- rendersetup is reseted to default
- disabled caustic material on the glass lamp-case inside the cabin
i do changes on my another item (similar). the noises is so much reduced, but they're still there a bit and the accuracy isn't good enough (next chance, i'll try to fix it with expanding the rendertime).
then i have another question according to "".  Do i have to change the corona light color to 180??

thanx again Maru!!

no, ies at all. check attached images

yes maru, i already tried the default rendersetup.. but it produced too much noise. then i tried to change the setup to tweak the quality. but yesterday i read corona performancedebugging, now i'm still trying to really really understand what the noise problem is.
here attached images are the materials setup.


after several time in researching and asked some friends, i think i got the right answer.
Maru is totally right, we cannot use two materials ID (for the edges & the top/bottom). i rendered these 2 glass material with corona & vray, and the result is as the same as i thought. the refraction won't look like real glass, right result is mean with the very very thin edge (jst like have no thickness) on the far side of the edge when we look a bit straight from the other edge (see attached photos).
Crazyman & Maru has the right answer for this, use bright greenish with low saturation & 5-20mm depth absorption.

But after finished this project, i got another problem. the render result look so noisy, i've spent 14hrs rendertime with distributed rendering (mainPC: i5 4570 win7 RAM4G RadeonR7-200 & slavePC: i7 4770 win7 RAM4G RadeonR7-200) .. i don't know why. i'm still very rookie with this magical renderengine. i've change the rendersetup many times but no clear & smooth result (i've changed this= "max samples intensity: 0,10,20" , "GI/AA balance:16,32,64"), that noises was so scared me. need more advises please..

thanx corona!

Sorry for delayed reply..
now i'm still trying & trying to create the best flat glass material setup.
But Thanx very much Crazyman & Maru for great advises

Off-Topic / Re: Your OTHER renderer?
« on: 2014-09-27, 05:13:49 »
VR & MR for max. but last month i move to corona.

Dear all,
i want to create realistic glass like the pictures i attached (photo). how to setup the glass material with green color on the edge and clear on the surface? do i have to create multimaterial, clear for the surface & green for the edge..?? need advise please :-)


Gallery / Bond Coffee table - Product shot
« on: 2014-09-23, 06:33:21 »
1 of the furniture collection i've made.

your initiative for creating tutorial is very welcome, but i find your approach to studio lighting quite strange and debatable :]

maybe this tutorial is still beta version. :-)
i'm newbie corona users, but i think many things should be added to the scene.
it could be studio lighting (just like real photography studio), environment, camera setup, reflection setup, and many more.
but, thanx Jtveclipse12.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: DOF performance testing
« on: 2014-09-20, 03:30:38 »
Hi. Your picture is very dark. Looks like there is something wrong (i.e. gamma problems), or is it an artistic choise?

Hi PROH, i'm still exploring the coronas advantages & disadvantages. so any advise is needed.
yes you're right. my pics is too dark.  (i've followed the procedure for the gamma setup (2.2)). maybe i should set the exposure or shutterspeed brighter.
i didn't pay attention for color & brightness quality. & didn't do composite any pst production. just wanna see how corona works the DOF rendering.

Work in Progress/Tests / DOF performance testing
« on: 2014-09-19, 06:45:55 »
what a great great performance with corona-renderer!

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