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[Max] Bug Reporting / weird bump with nvidia denoiser.
« on: 2019-05-24, 08:48:06 »
max 2018.4
corona dailybuild 2019-05-22

i got a weird bump with nvidia denoiser, some areas looks blurry.
- it happens with coronaBitmap and max bitmap, but not with procedural maps.
- add bumpConverter helps a bit. but still looks incorrect.
- IR without denoiser works at it should.
check attached files.

by the way i remember someone here did post similar thing with white cloth object but i cant find the thread.

actually, select decimal numbers and round it up using numeric pad is my old habit. and with just click the value makes me need to press backspace instead of just select it.
then yes, this should be a low priority bug. as low as i always forgot to report it even though happens everyday.
many thanks anyway :)


Can I just confirm the issue with you?

The issue seems to be that you select a value to change in the tone mapping for example, but you don't release the mouse click until you are no longer in the VFB and then the value appears to not be selected?


hi rowmanns, sorry for my poor english.
.. i don't release the mouse click until i'm no longer in the VFB and the value appears still selected but unable to edit selected value with my keyboard input.

win 7 SP1
max 18.4

in coronaVFB spinner, unable to edit value (keyboard input) after select value and release click at the outside of vfb.
but this issue doesnt occur in CIE.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: dof and background image
« on: 2019-05-17, 12:37:45 »
thanks romullus

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: dof and background image
« on: 2019-05-17, 11:35:47 »
Hmm, would it help if you'd set background image tiling to 0.99?
i set it to lower than 1 and the weird border is still there

Gallery / Re: Industrial design
« on: 2019-05-17, 11:06:37 »
hi shaghouri, nice design and renders.
but imho most of them needs longer time to render, they're still noisy and there is weird ao in wooden floor material.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: dof and background image
« on: 2019-05-17, 10:52:12 »
hi vahur6, i just tried it and i can confirm this issue. it happens only when we use coronabitmap with screen mode. but not with spherical mode.
you can create a bug report about this.

rowmanns, i didnt reset the ENU but i switch to new user in windows.
and... unfortunately it still occur.

update 1:
- with simpler scene. 1 light 1 object. still occured
- i'm using classic windows theme. and changed it to aero theme. still occured
- max gui performance very much decreased when rendering. noticable in my screen record.

update 2:
- everything visible is clickable (buttons,checkboxes,dialog,etc) , except the rollouts, unable to drag nor roll up/down.
- the issue didnt occur once. then i repeated the trial many times, and the result is in 10 chances the issue occurs 9 times.

update 3:
- thanks God! finally the issue is resolved. by reset FTH using method no.4 from the link below


thanks rowmans, i'll try it asap.
edit: fyi, my last corona dailybuild was Feb 22 2019 and the issue didnt occur

max 2018
win 7 sp1
dailybuild may 10 2019

my rendersetup misses 90% of its content when opened while rendering. check attached screen recording.

Hi Corona team - can i make a upgrade suggestion?
For the corona image editor, is it possible to add 'copy' function as per the VFB?
i guess it is possible. we have it in max vfb but why it isnt there in cie.
this is the time to add a feature request about this.


We would like to create a before render script that loads in the chosen predefined setup to the post process config of VFB. In this way we would be able to apply LUT, Tone mapping, bloom etc in one round per camera in batch render. Is there any way to access post process config via Maxscript?

Thank you very much for your help in advance,

once i needed this because there are many .conf file to load in a camera view but found no direct way. anyway, you can read/write the .conf file using stringstream.
or, maybe you can create feature request about this.

above 2016, i only experience one version, 2018. much better viewport fps, but 2016 still win the overall comparison imo.

Nevermind, I figured it out:
Code: [Select]
good to know, thanks.

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