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Hello Dev team,
its been a long long long time never reach this forum since i got moved to another division years ago. Anyway I dont know if it is a duplicate, but as the title said do you plan to add curve control for color spread in Corona AO texture. there was some chance that i really need to have it a lot darker on the start point and fade away / thinner a lot on the end point. It looks like the default setting is just linear.

Or, if somebody here already trough this and got another workaround then please let me know. thanks.


finally IT guys installed max 2020 (not 2019) and the script works here without any error.
can anybody please confirm that it works on 2018 but not on 2019?

There is already copy paste settings in right click menu at item name. :)

ok, thanks for your info, i'll try it in newer versions of max asap.
Also, in your video it seems it isn't possible to change tonemapping, only post processing, is that right?
in this lister you can remove/hide/show any groups you want, its just imo it is inconvenient to show too many controls in a single dialog, especially when using low res monitor.

still got no idea but i attached a screen record.
btw i'm using max 2018.4

hi Dalton, sorry i have no idea what was really happening since i'm using it and runs normally here.
more clue(s) please?

We use MLT in our caustics as well.
nice to know such info, thanks.

i experienced some heavy lags in my 3ds max these few days. then in task manager i found a powershell process is using almost 100% cpu.
i assumed that is a malware thing. antivirus scan gaves some results but nothing to do with that powershell process.
kill it in task manager makes my max running smooth again, but still run again on each windows session.

i'm not sure what is that thing and what does that script actually do
do you guys have some similar experience like this? please help


hi Dalton Watts, sorry its been a while i didnt use / touch this script. i assume there are many fixes needed for corona 4.
i'll update it asap.


i added new script in the first post above. i only fix what causing the error you've experienced.
currently still doesnt support any corona cam new features (1.4 above, e.g: green-magenta tint, fisheye, etc)
sorry i need to reset the version number because i'm planning to do rework and simplify some codes.

hi devs, i found it actually behaves like this: click the spinner value and you only can change the value if the mouse cursor is inside the vfb dialog.
is it possible to make corona vfb lose focus not when just mouse leave the dialog but click any other thing than corona vfb?

keep it low priority, thanks

fyi, it happened again for about a week and resolved by doing complete update my windows.

win7 SP1
max 2018.4

as the title said, max crash immediately after merge rendersetting while IR running via file>import>merge.
i remember this is already solved a while ago dont remember when but it comes again somehow.

attached minidump file

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: weird bump with nvidia denoiser.
« on: 2019-05-27, 15:04:14 »
Thanks maru, but unfortunately i have no vray.

Move maps from diffuse to lightmtl texmap, Useful when have 100 different materials.
here some codes if it is not too late.
Code: [Select]
local objs=
( for i in selection where classof i.material == coronaMtl collect i
if objs.count != 0 then
( for i in objs do
( local lightMtl= coronaLightMtl()
local theMap= i.material.texmapdiffuse
i.material= lightMtl
i.material.texmap= theMap
how to: select some objects and run the script

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: weird bump with nvidia denoiser.
« on: 2019-05-24, 11:23:03 »
I would guess it's expected with the AI denoisers, since they "hallucinate" detail where there think there should be some and make guesses as to what should be shown in places. Rather than just work with what is in the image already, they try to add and change things (one of the reasons why we don't recommend them as final denoisers, at least not until there are significant passes so they need to make less "guesses" as to what the image should be).
hi Tom, how are you doing :)
tested it with 300 passes where it works good on computing other features but fail on bump unfortunately. imho it should just gives less details instead of distorts the bump map with added blurriness.

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