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It's on the plans for sometime after Corona 4 - (pool of big ideas....)

   Thanks !

Just double checking...
    I could not find the Cryptomatte listed on roadMap for V4. Is this still on plans. Once you use Crypto you will never want to go back to anything else. It's a must, for any production that has comp/post envolved.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Curvature Map
« on: 2018-04-19, 04:03:39 »
Just touching this topic again.
   I've been away from Corona Forum for a good amount of time. I was moving myself and my family to another country (canadá) and i am working with Maya (bleh) and Redshift now. But i still using Max and Corona for comissioned and personal work.
   I am here just to say that Curvature Map works very well in Redshift and it adds a lot to the shaders. Not sure if everything there can be replicated using DataChannel only. The shader is a no-brainer in RS, just add and works, very easy and fast. I was adding it on a lot of my shaders on a recent work with a lot of displacements/bumps, etc.
    One of the main "problems" using it thru Data channel is when have a lot of objects to apply it. It's harder to manage a lot of modifiers on many pieces, instead of one single map/shader.

I just give it a try. Very easy to use. I didn´t tweaked anything. This was made in 10min (render including) over an old, unpolished model of mine. No uvs, or textures. Everything is rough here.

    Hope to have time do test it on a proper model soon ! Seems a nice addition !


[Max] I need help! / Re: Hologram Shader Material Car Paint
« on: 2017-05-15, 19:29:47 »
Hey. I did a "sort" of hologram shader in Corona some time ago...

     You can see the results here :

      Basically i´t s ramp map based on light or camera angly with some gradients of colors on it, and it´s piped to the reflection color masked by a fresnel (if i am not wrong...)

Gallery / Re: Remember the Time
« on: 2017-03-28, 07:59:31 »
Now i´ve added SSS to the ABS Plastic. :)

Gallery / Re: Armchair Studios
« on: 2017-03-27, 21:40:46 »
Amazing Texture and modeling work. the light and render just wrap up that beautiful images nicely. Very well done ! Photorealistic.

Gallery / Re: Remember the Time
« on: 2017-03-26, 18:17:27 »
The render looks really great, thumbs up! But I believe that one should be able to actually use that joystick :)

    Tks ! Not sure if i understood the second question. "Should be able" or "Shouldn´t" ? :) The Joystick is a real sanwa joystick, and works perfectly, i can even play Marvel Vs Capcom on it ;)

    Here´s my son playing doom. (He finished the gamming on that tiny thing).

    BUT : My plan is to reduce the shaft by 1cm. Not an easy task because it is made of steel. I am searhing for shorter shafts, the will look better on it. But this is a real sized prototype, so i can´t fake things on it, because it will not work on real life when i 3D print it. :) (My first concept was made without real measures so i only have to worry about aesthetical side. But the fun part for this project is to make it works on the real life too. ;) So i am changing the model to adapt the design to the function. (I even have the models for it from inside), batteries, circuits, etc... ;)

    Exploded view :

Gallery / Re: Remember the Time
« on: 2017-03-26, 18:14:31 »
amazing :) material white plastic  sss??

      The real thing (Last image), is very translucent (ABS  plastic 3mm). But it´s not a desirable effect. So, the CGI one has some SSS level, but subtle. I will fix the real word thing painting it from inside. But maybe i will do a Glossy/Translucent version of the 3D one. Probably will look very cool. (But i don´t have a Resin 3DPrinter, so i can´t replicate it in RealLife). :(

Gallery / Remember the Time
« on: 2017-03-26, 05:38:15 »
My 3DPrinted Arcade, re-rendered on a new mood/scene, to test Corona 1.6 new features. ;) Love the new stuff !
 (The last image is my reference pic of my actual/real prototype). ;)

Gallery / Re: Bang & Olufsen H8
« on: 2017-03-25, 20:29:10 »
   NICE touch on the top material. Made them with Particles/Scatter ?

Gallery / Re: "Open"
« on: 2017-03-25, 19:45:11 »
Really nice mood. I just found the bump on the van a liiiiiiiiitle bit high and i miss it´s tire tracks on mud SO MUCH. I would like to see more cleary the footprints of the guy on the mud and it could add a lot if you just add 2 tire tracks marked dow on the mud behind the van.
    Another "storytelling" detail that i am missing a bit, is dirty on van. Mud on the weel caps too. They are TOO shiny for all that mud and dirty enviroment.

    You already have the core mood nailed !

Gallery / Re: Still Life with Honey
« on: 2017-03-25, 19:39:38 »
Really amazing. I like so much when i am able to find subtle details that a less skilled shader guy would never add to a scene/model/shader. Very nice man !

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.6
« on: 2017-03-22, 01:25:51 »
Tried the Daily build Mar 20... Got some very strange behaviors...

  1 - The Press > HOLD on Render Button (Corona FrameBuffer) > Start IT refuses to start the IR...
  2 - When changing the settings for Dof, got some Framebuffer Ghosts for a moment... The image moves and then refreshes...
  3 - Using Round Corners cause some strange dots on bevels...


[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: render element crashes max 2017
« on: 2016-12-08, 15:37:43 »

   I Got sort of the same problem. here the fault is related to RedShift Demo installed. I´ve tested on another machine without it installed and worked. Then i´ve installed RedShift demo and got the same crashes when changing from any render to Scanline and hit the button to Add Render Element. Curious that on the past Octane Demo causes the SAME crash.

    Here i got it solved uninstalled redshift demo.

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