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VFB Forgetting Post Process settings

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HI there, apologies if this has already been covered.

My VFB seems to keep forgetting my Post Process settings (Tone mapping, Bloom & Glare etc.)
I have set them to override in each my cameras and I’ve not touched anything in the Render Settings. But, I do change them in the VFB.

As such, I never know what I’m going to get when send off multiple renders.
For example, I set Bloom and Glare to 15 and 8 respectively in the VFB for a particular frame. I then render the same frame again later and it’s reverted back to 20 and 2 respectively.
So, I have to sit by the computer and babysit each frame to tweak the settings as they’re being rendered. I've struggled with this since v6. I'm now on v10 Hotfix 2.

A work-around for this would be to render out multiple CXR files and perform these tweaks in the Corona Image Editor.
But, I saw from an earlier thread (from over 4 and half years ago actually), that this isn’t a feature.

Has anyone experienced this or have an idea how to fix it?
Bonus question- has anyone ever figured out how to render out multiple CXR files?

Thanks in advance for your time. Otherwise, I love the software.

What do you mean exactly, several cameras which have different settings or do you change (animate) the settings of a single camera?
Do all cameras have a Corona camera tag applied? If you check the camera tag, are the settings there correct?
Also, are you using c4d take manager for rendering?

I have only seen issues with take manager, I can't remember, that I lost the settings otherwise.

No Takes and no animating. Just a Stage object with a bunch of key-framed cameras.

Each camera has a Corona tag and each of those tags contain values for Tone mapping and Bloom & Glare.
'Override' has been checked but 'Enabled' has not always been checked, now that I look. I wonder if that's the issue...
If it hasn't been enabled, it might be reverting to the Post Process values in Render Settings.

I'll do an over-night render and report back. Thanks for the response Lollolo, really appreciated.

Re-rendered making sure that 'Enabled' was checked on all camera.
Same results- a very forgetful VFB.

Mac Studio M1 Max 64GB
Cinema 4D 2024.1.0
Corona Render 10 Hotfix 2

I wasn't able to reproduce it, everything working as expected...

Do you have this issue also in IR (interactive rendering) or in final render only?


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