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LOD for Human models from the Cosmos Browser

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Is there a LOD (Level of detail) setting that I'm missing within my Corona Settings. When I import models of Humans from the Cosmos Library, the renders that are further away look really blurry and muddy.

I've looked through as many of the menus that I can see but can't see a way to resolve it.

Attached are a few screen shots showing what I mean

It is hard to say what might be the reason without knowing your scene and settings, but the issue looks like a combination of too strong denoising and bad Cosmos browser materials.

Some Cosmos browser models come with, let's say questionalbe material settings that may stem from an automatic conversion of the materials from Vray to Corona. Often you will find an IOR of 1 and a glossiness of 100. So, checking if a material makes sense is helpful.

What denoising settings are you using, btw?


Thanks for the reply, render settings are nothing fancy, attached screen shot.

It does it on all scenes - other screen shot attached.

Must a LOD thing, but scant see any references to how to change it

Even the white dots on the blue dress disappear.
I cannot reproduce it here in my own scene.

Do you have, by any chance, DOF active?
Or strong image filtering?
Blurring with a non-default radius?
Or could you even share the scene with just the three models from above?

Try this...

I've removed the HDRI file from the .zip to keep it smaller...


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