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Roadmap, update, etc... news or feedback?

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MircoTosti Studio:
Hello guys,
but corona in c4d there are no more updates? Any problems?
The roadmap is practically at a standstill and the last update (exception of compatibility for 2024) dates back to July 11, where the processes are all at zero or almost zero of those set.
As usual 3dsmax let the updates gallop and there is starting to be a big gap between the two "platforms"

Everyone too busy developing to update the roadmap as we go, sorry :) Never fear though, work is progressing just fine! PS and we will try and do better at keeping it updated.

MircoTosti Studio:
Thanks Thomas for your reply, I always drive you crazy hehe

I hope that in these three months that there have been no updates, the release is imminent and with really important features as I see done almost on a weekly basis for 3dsmax which is moving far ahead of c4d (perhaps by now the abyss between the two begins to be heard).

There should be no abyss between the two, in fact with every release the last remaining differences get smaller and smaller :)

MircoTosti Studio:
Thomas, but are the list of trello developments in the roadmap for C4D correct?
I'm sorry to bother you, but for ver.11 they've all been at 0/0 since May 2023 and now we're almost in November.
However, for 3dsmax almost all of them are completed as well as you have already released updates to install several times (September and October).


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