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hdri with roof

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Stefan beat me to it.  A Corona Compositing tag on the geometry with SEEN BY GI unchecked will let the outside light in.  It's unnatural, but can be done.

I can’t help wondering why you would want to light a closed room that way. As mentioned above, it’s possible but unnatural.

I’m sure you have thought about these options already, but I would either remove the back wall or light the room with Corona Lights. For even more realism, use HDR images of actual lightsources and add them as textures to flat polys. HDRs like these capture the light falloff, shape and internal reflections in a very realistic way.

I can't speak for the OP, but for me - not all rendering is realistic or Natural.  Most of my renders are inside arenas or stadiums and there are times when I need to render out simple shots for geometry discussion or pipeline workflow verification that aren't about being lit, but just need to be seen, and while I can set up a lighting system for this, it's usually quicker to just toss a big HDRI in there and have it blow through the geometry of the arena.


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