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hdri with roof

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hello! i have a scene of a large room, without windows, with a ceiling visible in the rendering... how can i recreate a glmobal illumination, a soft diffused light, with this ceiling interposed between the "sky" and the interior! thanks for your help!

Hi there,
It will be best to include screenshots or at least some reference images of what you're trying to achieve.
Without any additional info, it will be hard to provide an accurate suggestion/solution.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yeah it's hard to say without seeing/knowing more. One trick you could do is to use a C4D light in a cloner and turn off the shadows. Kinda old school and fake. ;)

Maybe post an example of the final result you're trying to achieve. I was going to give you a couple ideas, but not knowing what the end goal is makes it difficult.

The example light setup is an old-school trick, BUT we also had Ambient Occlusion to fake the shadows.

my method is:
used hdri in sky as normal,
then exclude some wall elements from GI.

This way you have still closed looking room with nice hdri GI light/mood coming in.
enhance this with some very soft and weak area lights maybe in the interior if needed.



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