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hi corona users
i'm still running a maxed out mac pro from 2010 (5.1) at home > 12c, 3.46ghz, 128gb ram.
but as apple released a new version of the mac studio and finally the new mac pro, i'm suggesting to buy a new apple computer. rather a mac studio than a mac pro.

it would be nice to get some real world benchmarks in this thread. does anybody already have the mac studio m2 ultra on his/her desk and can share some infos about working in the viewport, maybe some render times and other important facts?

@corona-team: i guess corona benchmark v2 (optimized for apple silicon) is just around the corner?

thanks for your inputs and thoughts. i'm curious what y'all have to share in the near future. :o)

I'd like to see this as well. One of the tests I like to run since every C4D user already has the scene, is to open the Grapes scene in the Asset Browser and just hit Render to Picture Viewer. Not a Corona test, but a raw CPU power test. I have several render times from over the years and I believe a thread here somewhere where others tried it with newer Macs. The benchmarks are nice, but it's difficult to apply that knowledge to real-world projects.

A smart decision not to get that "new" Mac Pro. Only peeps that have a need for specific PCI cards could possible justify the extra $3,000 USD for that box. Hoping they're fixing the sudden bottleneck with scaling these new chips. Started off so promising.

The native benchmark is up - would be great to see some Ultra scores up there :-)

I've put my M1Max and Threadripper up there:

Oh cool. Just for fun I ran it on my M2max MBP (5,761,541). And my old Threadripper 2950x (5,678,105).
Quite suprised that the MBP edged it!

I stupidly updated to 13.4.1 after publishing that benchmark and it dropped me by 1619013 rays/sec. Why Apple?


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