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New project / line launched (will be available soon).
Corona for Cinema 4D materials.
I have to say that working with Corona for C4D is simple and enjoyable.

Some SSS polished marble materials previews.

This will not be a full featured plugin.
Only material libraries for C4D Content Browser - lib4d file (with internal organized folders), contains empty C4D documents with materials and previews. Textures will be in one directory (to be specified global search path in C4D preferences).

Looking good so far, Can't wait to test them out!

Yeah, those look really nice. I would buy an automotive-based library in a second. Not only am I short on time, but to learn more about Corona. I'm guessing you will have to remake these when the node system ships.


Is this a plugin with new shaders or more of a better-looking library?


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