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Nothing I know until now, but this problem is (still) difficult for us to handle. Is this anywhere near the top of the "Have-To-Fix-List"?

The other problem is that the textures in the Corona Shared are not listed in the Texture Manager. Vice versa when you "Save with Assets" those assets are not being copied nor links updated with those used assets.

We currently tried to workaround that thing have to check every single channel in the materials to find an unlisted texture. That is hell on earth.

No change at all, we have the same issues and opened a ticket 2 months ago. Also from 3 nodes (full C4D licenses) mostly 2 nodes get kicked out and we can't figure out the problem.


would it not be possible to add something like "save to CXR" to the (corona) render settings,
and then use the settings in the normal save dialog? (including support for filename tokens)

this way you'd get the normal jpg/png/exr plus the cxr.
if checked, the cxr saving would take place even if save is disabled in the render settings.
like this you could save the cxr only.

not really the most elegant solution, but a workaround most could live with, i guess.
(if it is not possible to add cxr as normal saveable format)

best, index

That sounds like a good idea. Because if you choose a path to save the files in the program settings it's a global setting which isn't that good. If you put it under the Corona Settings it's a path per project, I would guess?

Okay, I figured out that in these settings Corona is not supporting the regular C4D tokens (but would be very useful). But back to the take thing... So is there no possibility the save those takes as CXR in a comfortable way?

Today I rendered 3 takes overnight and it looks like that all the "end" images have been deleted except the last one. I would be really grateful if somebody can introduce me to an efficient workflow to keep the CXR when rendering selected takes.

Hy guys. :)

I'm already searching for some time, to achieve CXR files saved via the take manager and named with tokens. Does not seem to be possible to me.  I managed to (somehow) save a CXR with those settings, but...yeah the names are like "Unity $take_end_001.cxr" and he also drops an EXR which I don't even need. So if I want to render 9 takes it is already getting a bit messy.

Is there a proper workflow you can explain to me?

I really you can help me with that.

Sorry for awaken this thread but did something happen here? I contacted RebusFarm Support and they told me you can't render an CXR through their farm using Corona in Cinema 4D. Do you have any news?

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