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Particles and Spline rendering support!?

Why have Particles and Spline rendering support moved to pool of big ideas?
After all, this should be a priority especially for a program like Cinema 4D!

Do remember that we've changed the way that the roadmap works - previously, anything we were thinking of having in the next version got moved into that column, but then people got angry if something was in there and did not get done. So now everything lives in the pool of big ideas until we start work on it, and until that works shows that it will be ready in time.

So moving it out of that column was just a bit of a catch up on that new approach.

(This also means just because something is in the pool only, does not mean it is not being considered for the next release - just that we won't move it into the next release column til things look fairly sure that it will make it in)
But "Particles and Spline rendering support" has been transferred from "Version 8 - IN DEVELOPMENT" to ---> "Pool of big ideas for potential implementation in the future releases"

Right - as I said "So moving it out of that column was just a bit of a catch up on that new approach." - the new approach was adopted after we'd already started setting up the roadmap, and not all of it was edited to fit the new approach. Til now :)


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