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Materials used in scene show no corner brackets in the material editor

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I have this issue since I updated Max 2022 to version 2022.1
When I pick a material from scene in the slate editor, it has no angle brackets, like if it is not assigned and also the button in the editor to select by material is grayed out like if the material is effectively not assigned... but if I assign it to a random object, then the brackets are shown and I can use the "select by material" button again, selecting all the objects that have the material applied.
If I clear the material editor, it forgets everything and does the same issue again... (it does it with any kind of material)
Does anyone have the same problem, or any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!


Ink Visual:
I do have exactly the same issue!
Wasn't sure whether it's Max 2022 related or Corona 7 as I updated both at the same time.

I've tried with  scanline renderer and it does the same...
But now I noticed that the brackets are missing only from the first parent node of the material, while the children appear correctly.
Unfortunately, that doesn't help me much, because sometimes I assign for example a multi-sub material or a Corona layered material to an object and only one of its children material to another object. So, if I use the "select by material" button, I'm not 100% sure that I'm selecting exactly what I want...

It's a Max bug introduced in one of the PUs. One way to get them displayed is minimize the material editor and maximize again, but yeah, it's tedious.
Reporting to Autodesk is the only option for now...

Thank you very much pokoy!! It might be tedious but it's a lifesaver for the moment!
I've been using 3dsMax since version 1 and I think I never used the minimize button on material editor... I always open and close it :)


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