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V7 RC1 resolved/unresolved bugs

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Displacement in IR should still work if using the viewport IR. You can make a new view panel and assign the viewport render to use that to replace the VFB as a workaround. I have checked this and it does indeed seem to work well. I hope that helps.

"As for Displacement and IR; This was happening in V6 as well"

no not at all! v6 worked fine.

in v6 ALL my scenes worked fine,
in v7 almost all have half of the objects missing, which makes v7 beta ("release candidate") yet unusable for us sadly.

you can easy open the test scene i sent youin v6 (ok) and v7 (many things missing).


we have had such reports (rarely) even in v6, a fix to another issue has regressively brought this up to more users.
Anyways, we are very close to fixing and deploying the build to you. In the meantime, feel free to send us more of your scenes so that we can test this thoroughly.

Thanks, Jan

Have you tried RC3 to see if these issues have been address? Not much use testing an old build.

Daniel Mikolajčák:
Hello I am not sure if you are aware of it, but projector shader does not work when used as part of layer shader. Corona's own mixture shader works fine.


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