Author Topic: 7.0 rc 1 Material Library and Team Render  (Read 978 times)

2021-06-30, 17:20:20


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I made a TeamRender Animation Test with the superbe (!!!) Corona Material Library. Some Elements of the Library are not rendered by the TR Nodes. Has every Node have the library? I thought that my desktop COmputer passes the appropriate textures to the nodes?

In Correct way the Gold is very gold (lol) and the spheres are marble white.

BTW: why is there no gold material in the library?

2021-06-30, 18:21:13
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FWIW, there are 3 gold presets that come with the Physical material.

2021-07-01, 09:49:14
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there are some issues if the Material library is not present on all machines and we are already working on a fix (I had the pleasure of testing a part of this fix yesterday).

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