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Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-09-11) (

* Added:
* Added support for R23
* Added experimental support for R23 Scene Nodes

Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-10-03) (

* Fixed:
* Creating Corona proxy file using "Pick from scene" used incorrect path when canceled
* Fixed problem with connections between nodes being misplaced if part of the editor is outside the screen
* Fixed crash when selecting shader from empty shared shader
* Fixed problem with Corona proxy in Full mesh mode not showing in viewport when its center is outside the viewport
* Fixed occasional crashes in Corona Bitmap in multi-tiling mode
* Fixed problem with incorrect photographic exposure when using Team Render
* Fixed problem with camera name not shown in render stamp when using Team Render
* Fixed occassional crashes in scenes with Distance shader (usually reproducible in animations)

Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-10-23) (

* Added:
* Added option to LightSelect pass to include all lights not included in other LightSelect passes (allows to denoise rest of lights with LightMix)
* Fixed:
* Fixed crashes happening when parsing hair for render (already released in 6.1 hotfix 2020-10-08)
* Added initial ability to render multi-instances in IR (improvements and further bug fixes to follow)
* Changed:
* Removed old (pre-v5) version of displacement, old scenes will automatically use current 2.5D displacement
* From now on, Corona will require macOS version 10.13 or newer
We're aware of specific situations where 2.5D Displacement does not yet work as expected. In order to resolve those cases, we have to remove the old displacement first. Please keep this in mind if you choose to switch to the daily build, that you will not be able to disable 2.5D Displacement if you happen to encounter one of those specific situations.

Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-11-19) (

* Fixed:
* Fixed crash with some versions of BigSur
* Fixed crash when setting Max IR passes limit for viewport IR
* Fixed problem with environment not updating in IR when changing direct visibility material override
* Fixed preview of Corona Normal shader
* Fisheye mapping factor in Corona Camera was not grayed out in non-fisheye projection modes
* Changed:
* Renamed "Recursive" to "Include children" in include/exclude lists accross the UI
* Removed "Render hidden lights" in render settings - this option wasn't doing anything in C4D plugin
* Time limit in render settings no longer allows extended layout with clock widgets as it doesn't make sense in this context
* Removed BVH_SAT option as acceleration structure in devel/experimental settings

Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-12-31) (

* Added:
* Added new grounds up PBR material - Corona Physical Material
* Renamed Corona Material to Corona Legacy Material
* Legacy material itself is preserved and all scenes using it will load without any change
* Allow selecting Corona materials as default in C4D preferences (R21+)
* Fixed:
* Changing displacement parameters in material now correctly update displacement in IR
* Fixed problem with displacement not working when used on Corona Proxy
* Fixed problems with emission artifacts when emitting object uses displacement
* Fixed copy/Cmd+C command in Corona Vfb on macOS


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