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Maybe this post is on the wrong place of the forum but I couldn't see a better category to place it.

So... I was wondering if we will be able to purchase in the future a bundle of Chaos softwares-plugins along with Corona. Vray was a package called "V-Ray Collection", which includes V-Ray plus Phoenix, Chaos scans, Chaos cloud and Chaos player. It comes with a very friendly price, much lower compared to what you have to pay for buying each one of these software separately.

Corona is part of this big Chaos family, so I can't see why this is not an option.

I would just love to see a bundle with Corona, Phoenix and Chaos Player. That's it :)

Hi! There are no finalized plans along these lines at this time - modified that to say finalized plans, as there is nothing decided for sure, but suggestions like yours are being considered to see what might be possible.


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