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32bit animation export from Adobe Media Encoder



does anyone have experience with the "problem":

32bit -direct export from AE works fine -but there is no H.264..

I can´t find settings or soloutions to get a correct linear color output from Media Encoder..

(system: windows10 / AE 2020 )

No, H.264 is a no go, H.265 yes, or... If you haven't yet done any research on video containers & codecs, I suggest reading: best format to publish raw video? (@ Magic Lantern Forum)

Thank you for the link and h265 tip -its an older interesting dicourse of codecs and the need of high bit´s.. 

-H265 is also washed like every codec -the Problem is Media Encoder its not working with 32 bit (even if I use avi or exr)

I found a 32bit workflow tutorial for redshift and blender -partly with plugins and transmission of luts ..but without the explanation of how to export

AE renderque´s quicktime is to dark.. avi export is perfect but after re-import its to dark..

Is there a clean solution? if 32bit needs tons of extra software and knowledge i have to go back to 8bit workflow. 

Ok, strange but this work:

-export with AE render queue (Avi)

-import to Premiere

-export from Premiere AME


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