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did you ever find a tweak/solution for this for faster animation previews?

USD is indeed supported in max, but I just don't see the use case in archviz right now as described in my post. Hence I was asking if someone had any experience with it in that regard. For walkthroughs/VR there's a bunch of other solutions and the "VR is going to blow up" has been said for years now :)

I was wondering if anyone has had a go at Nvidia's omniverse and the USD format in a production setup?

Been trying to read up on things and watching their stuff on youtube, but I'm still not sure what it would benefint us. I can see the USD format and use of omniverse to maybe be relevant cross software suites. I.e. people sitting with a revit model, could share and visualize the exact same images as people with 3ds max, sketchup, rhino etc. Maybe also all could use the same asset library? Is this the gist of it or am I missing something? Else I can't see the benefit of it vs corona or any other renderer really.

doesnt launch anymore - it was working a few dailies prior, but now it comes up with that trouble shooting page - i tried the methods suggested and it doesnt work. 
anyone else having issues with cosmos too now?
Had something similar and got this from helpdesk and it worked:

Please try the following, after closing 3dsMax:
Stop Cosmos Browser process from your task manager (ctrl-alt-del)
Delete everything in C:\Users\**Username**\Documents\Chaos Cosmos
Re-try to use the service.

I think I read somewhere else other people having issues with a render parsing continuously until you click in the framebuffer - think it was something to do with Pulze plugin, but can't find the thread again. Just wanted to say that this still happens in v8 RC1 and the pulze 2.2.6 beta build.

Hi, i don't have the pulze plugin and this happened to me yesterday on two servers with backburner, Corona latest build.

Do the nodes you send the jobs to have displays?

This one is a real problem for us to diagnose what is going wrong as we are not able to reproduce it.



Someone mentioned it might also have to do with ForestPack. It has happened to me in scenes too where I didn't use or start the pulze plugin. Happens both locally and when using windows remote desktop. Will try and do some more tests on monday and make a support sticket.

I think I read somewhere else other people having issues with a render parsing continuously until you click in the framebuffer - think it was something to do with Pulze plugin, but can't find the thread again. Just wanted to say that this still happens in v8 RC1 and the pulze 2.2.6 beta build.

Hmm. Yes that's interesting. Who knows though - might just be cross-related issues. I wonder if 2022.0 or 2022.1 or 2022.2 is the issue itself. We increased the maxscript warning limit value thing and added 3dsmax.exe to the FTH exclusion list, but that might just be masking the issue(s) rather than fixing it.

Alex, did you manage to fix this in a more or less permanent way? We are having similar issues with max 2020 on one of our workstations even after trying the FTH thing Maru links to (connecter is used, but not pulze).

So, this was logged in 2020 and I couldn't see any updates on the issue in the daily builds of version 8?

It's a huge hassel for us when we get sketchup models imported to max and we can't just convert it all from physical to corona materials.

Was anything discovered regarding this? I'm having the exact same issue. Corona distance maps in a corona layered material results in a perfomance drop from around 20mil rays to 5-6mil.

Did some tests (see screenshots) and it's clearly the distance maps causing these huge drops in performance.

A big sinner is also having a refractive material (I'm projecting lakes on the terrain via a water material and distance map).

no bitmap white base only : 31mil rays total
no bitmap white base layered with mix of 3 standard max maps (noise, cellular and falloff): 19mill
4k bitmap as base layered with mix of 3 standard max maps: 17mill
4k bitmap as base layered with 1 white base mat and 1 distance map: 15mill
4k bitmap as base layered with 1 white base mat 1 water material and 2 distance map: 7.7mill

For each extra (non refractive) material and distance map, performance seems to drop 2mill rays.

Hi guys, I'm doing a birdseye view were I have an aerial photo mapped via the coronashadowcatcher material on the terrain.

I'm trying to use extruded splines and the coronadistance map to project new roads/paths onto the terrain, but it's not working correctly in the beauty pass with the shadowcatcher as the base material. If I use a normal corona material it works great (see white+black screenshot).

Is there something obvious I should enable/disable?

ah okay, sorry for the "double post". I tried searching first on "corona converter", but only found some topics where it either didn't open or something regarding vray4 needed to be installed :)

Hi guys

I've tried running the convert in both max 2020 and 2022 with corona 7 hotfix1. I have imported a sketchup file with textures. When i click convert scene it seems to run and the script lister states:

Successfully converted 0 / 121 maps.
Attempted to convert 0 lights.
Conversion finished.
Successfully converted 0 / 2064 materials.
Conversion finished.

Which I find kind of funny to "succesfully" convert "0" things :D

Anyway, no materials has been converted. When I colorpick an object material it's the standard max physical mat.

I do not have vray installed, but this shouldn't be needed when importing a sketchup file (no vray things in it) right?

General CG Discussion / Re: Models
« on: 2021-08-09, 12:41:37 »
Design Connected is the only site I know that consistently includes 'Previews' in their downloads, everywhere else is hit and miss so I always make sure I save the preview from the website when I do the download

Same thing here. If you save the preview from the website you downloaded the model from and just save it as the same name and location as the 3D model file, connecter can assign that preview file to the 3d model automatically if you go to the "Tools" menu and choose " Auto-assign previews".

General CG Discussion / Re: Object library ?
« on: 2021-08-09, 12:38:55 »
I usually go to when I need something specific. Think it's around 6€ pr model. Quality is usually pretty high.

Hi, I'm not able to submit bug report via web. Captcha fails for some reason, so posting here:

I'm running a brand new install on a laptop. I've installed daily build 7 rc3 and now I just installed vray adv 510003 to convert a vray model (attached via private uploader) I need in my scene.

Bug happens both when I merge this model into my current scene, but also if I just open the model file directly and try from there.

Steps to reproduce (for me):

Open scene. Select entire model. Run corona converter on seletec objects. Open material editor (slate). Now bug happens. Keyboard stops working. Soon after max crashes without any error. I couldn't even find the .dmp file?

Can you reproduce this?

Hmm okay, so it's actually not that file. It's on every max scene I open now after having installed vray! I have had some similar bugs on my main workstation like this too some time ago and had to install pre v.5 of vray in order to have it be stable.

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