Author Topic: Render stop blue screen  (Read 414 times)

2023-02-24, 09:23:43


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Hello, I am using 3ds max 2021 corona renderer 9 version.
When I click the render button, I get a blue screen error.
The same thing happens when I click the stop button when I want to stop rendering.
Is there a solution for this situation?

Tried 3dsmax 2022, same problem, unchanged.
I am using windows 11 all updates are done.
Drivers are up to date.

My system is new but I didn't get a blue screen error except for this error.
system features
Asus rog strix x670E-E
Gskill 32gb expo cl 6000 hrz
All drivers are up to date.

2023-02-24, 13:23:30
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It's actually impossible for Corona to cause a Blue Screen error. It would have to be hardware or driver related. Can you share the error code that is on the blue screen?
Tom Grimes |
Product Manager | contact us

2023-03-01, 14:12:50
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As Tom suggested that it is not possible for Corona to cause a BSOD error.
For more information, maybe this can help:
Arpit Pandey |
3D Support Specialist - Corona | contact us