Author Topic: Cosmos Browser Fabric materials problem  (Read 947 times)

2022-10-05, 16:23:33

Faith Keeper

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Hi, I tested few new fabric materials from Cosmos browser and they act very wird. From different angles the same materials generates artefacts or gets shadows.
Here is comparison of 3 shots with the same material and one additional with normal corona browser material. I didn't change anything only move camera. This is the newest version of Corona 9 (1RC) and max 2023.

2022-10-05, 18:45:00
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Which exact Cosmos material is that? (what is its name)
What exactly do you mean by "normal corona browser material"? Do you mean the Corona Material Library?
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2023-02-28, 11:05:30
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Hello @Faith Keeper

as my colleague said - could you please point out exactly which Cosmos material generates artifacts?
For example fabric "Plain White Sheer 3769679"