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Hi Guys!

Is anybody knows what HMD is now giving the best quality when viewing the VR / 360 images?
I mean the quality, which is most close to Gear VR...
Actually, the problem is about iPhone. Because there is no VR Glasses made by Apple for iPhone..

I tested few google cardboards with my iPhones and at this point VR Box 2.0 looks the best. But the bigger phone - the better image.



News / Re: Corona 1.4 for 3ds Max
« on: 2016-05-16, 16:41:40 »
My congrats for you guys!

Excited to test how VR works!

Gallery / Re: Building lands for houses
« on: 2016-05-11, 15:58:14 »
I like the top view. I would need to do something like that in my project. Thanks for sharing. It helps to generate some ideas :)

Gallery / Re: Small house
« on: 2016-05-11, 15:56:29 »
Nice job.

I think that trees in window views are too bright.


Thanks for your clear answer! Sounds great.

So the next question is - would it be able to get the same result on Google Cardboard and when?

Dusted off an unfinished scene to give the VR camera mod a try, before starting the render I also decided to hit 2 birds with one stone and turn on the Denoise. Which works phenomenal! I stopped the render at 47 passes and the default denoise settings made the scene very clean, i actually had to tone it back some, cause I do like some noise to be present.

For those that don't know, with the Samsung Gear VR place the images in Oculus > 360Photos > My Images

Hi Jtveclipse12,

So, did you use Corona to get this image? And then you put this image into your Samsung phone into that folder?
Because, as I know Gear Vr understand VRay renderings (which are divided on more squares)...

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Resolution for GEAR VR
« on: 2016-05-03, 20:17:53 »
Hi Dionysios.TS,

Can you show the picture that you did?
Did you use Corona to create it?
And what app are you using to see the image in Gear VR?



Well, I have tested this image on both phones and now can say there is a difference.
There are actually pros and cons on both smartphones.

iPhone 6
+ Very smooth (nice) turn around
- Too big (wrong) scale; feels like all the objects are a little too close that it needs to be

iPhone 6 Plus
+ Perfect scale! Exactly how it needs to be!
-  Turn around is not smooth enough; There is a kind of distortion which make looking not comfortable

Anyway, thank you very much for your test image! And looking forward for the news about VR in Corona!



Rambambulli! This is finally the best experience that I had since I was using Samsung Gear VR!
I tested your image on my iPhone 6 and View-Master Google Cardboard and I have to say it is really good result!
Even if it is just a test render and not enough of passes. But it is just great!

Waiting for app, Jakub! :)

Thanks again,


Gallery / Re: Shed in a woods
« on: 2016-02-12, 17:00:55 »
I guess it's a SnowFlowPro plugin, right Yuriy?

Gallery / Re: Invermay House
« on: 2016-02-09, 19:33:30 »
Great renderings!
The last picture looks like a photo.

Lighting is very nice. Specially in the dining room.
I also like the large fireplace in the living room.

My congrats!

Keep going!

First of all, Samsung Gear VR support will be available in our app, no problem with that.

Hi Jakub,
This is great! I look forward to test it.

Secondly, you can download Google Cardboard App to your iPhone. Then you use ithis app to scan QR code from your Cardboard (this qr code + Google Cardboard App + you phone version = data required for proper image distortion, all done automatically just by scanning the code). By doing this you'll be able to "connect" your iPhone to Cardboard in terms of proper image rendering and distortion. iPhone's accelerometers seem to work better than Samsung's so the experience is beetween normal Samsung phone with cardboard and S6+GearVR.

I did it at the same day when I got my Google Cardboard. I scanned QR code on my View-Master. But I wasn't happy about the quality of these images that I saw in standard Google Cardboard app.

Least but not least - as Maru said, you can just install a fresh Corona's daily build and use a little tutorial I wrote earlier in this thread to render proper Stereoscopic 360 image with Corona. If you want some help feel free to ask :)

I have to do it - just need to find time. But actually you already sent us your test image. I mean this one:
And I have tested it on my phone and the quality was not like in VR still.
So I'm not sure if I can do better image.

Anyway, what I understood is that you are working on your app and we will just wait until you will release it, right?



I don't know about Gear VR, I don't have access to it. Does it use some native app, or can you run anything on it?
The instructions on creating stereoscopic panoramas for Google Cardboard are in this thread. Some sample images, too. I might try rendering some additional shots, but this is very time-consuming.


Well, I think you have to find a chance to take a look what is Gear VR means. Because it is developed on Oculus platform.
And Google Cardboard at least at this point looks like a joke for me.

Actually, the problem is that Gear VR works only with Samsung smartphones, which cost $500+
And you need to connect that smartphone with glasses via mini USB port.
Plus there is a specific app "360 Photo". To see your VR images - you need to put them in a specific folder and app will show it to you.
That is how it works.

And because I have iPhone - I can only buy the additional phone for these glasses which is stupid.
But I'm even okay with that. All I need is to get somehow that stereo cube map in Corona - so I will not be in need of VRay.

Jakub is saying he is working on some app. But still, even if that app will be made for Iphone - I will not be able to connect my phone with Google Cardboard. Maybe that is the key?


Hi, sorry, but I don't fully understand the message. You are comparing a stereoscopic image (from Vray) and a single panorama (from Corona). If you load the single panorama into some VR app - how is it supposed to be 3D? It requires two images, each for one eye. Maybe I misunderstood something?


Exactly, that was what I did. And it was just for test. Because somebody above posted that website - so I decided to try how it works.
I uploaded to that website my single panorama image and then it was just simply divided on two same parts so I was watching it in my Google Cardboard.
And yeah, it is not that truth effect of Virtual Reality.

The new VR options are in daily builds only ( ). Corona renders one image which is combined from 2 camera positions. It works just fine and no cubemaps are required.

If it works - please send me any VR picture that I can see in Gear VR - so I will see how it is looks like. And yeah - also please explain where I have to put image to see it in Gear VR.



Hey Roman,

Be a little more patient, as Corona renders a proper VR images that look really good in VR - Samsung's Gear VR, Cardboards or Oculus. You only need a properly working App that will allow you to do it properly.

In a meanwhile you can check how Corona renders look in VR here: (open it in your phone's web browser)
However it's just a simple web viewer, it doesn't use proper distortion nor takes care of phone screen size or Cardboard type.

Best regards,

PS. I've attached my simple VR render from Corona - it uses Corona's VR cam and has to be in 1:1 proportions. It works best when you set resolution to 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 4096x4096 etc:)

To be honest I think Corona's equirectangular renders are better then V-Ray's Cubemap as Apps don't have to "stitch" 6 different images per eye and from my tests you can achieve better image quality when viewed from your phone.


Thank you for your images. I have just tested your link. I opened it in Chrome on my iPhone 6 and put it in my Google Cardboard (View-Master).
Well, it is looks now more close to what I've seen in Gear VR - but the quality is still poor.
I have to say that my stomach is now filling not good :(
I understand that it is just a simple web viewer. Well, I will try to be patient and will be waiting for the app like you are saying.

So, did I understand you correct? When your app will be available - it will be possible to install it on Samsung Galaxy S6 and put there renders from Corona and then it will be possible to see it in Gear VR?

I'm talking about Gear VR because I still don't believe that Google Cardboard can work on the same high level.



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