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Hi All,
I'm currently still working with Corona v5 hotfix 2, I've tried the newest v6 hotfix 1 but I find it somehow buggy and then downgraded. I haven't afforded other tests because I'm in the middle of a project.

Corona Shared Material doesn't work with Corona on Rebusfarm (team render)

I' haven't faced the "Corona Shared Material Problem" since now, Rendering on my own machine, but I've to deal with this because I need to render my project on RebusFarm.

I'm Asking for help to figure out workaround to let render flow without obstacles.

Was this problem solved in later versions, official or daily builds..? even if RebusFarm doesn't support it?
What's the actual state..?

and above all...

Are all the nodes whose inputs are being transformed in "Corona Shared" any time I share an output port of source nodes..?
Is it sufficient to make all the nodes unique to avoid the problem..?
Did I misunderstand..?
I’m missing something..?

Many thanks in advance
Happy Rendering

Hi Devs,

Just insert the "Current Resolution" Token in Render Stamp and Render (even in IPR),
it prints "ERROR: Unknown placeholder %r"

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Oct 15 2018 14:14:39
Version: B2 rc 3 (core 3 (DailyBuild Oct 15 2018))
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R18.057 S

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