Author Topic: I wish I could reduce size of image in AFB Interactive render  (Read 653 times)

2021-06-02, 13:59:34


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I notice that,   when you do a full RENDER in the AFB,   you can resize the developing image area,  up or down,  by percentages.

Yet,  when doing an interactive render,  you cannot:   the size of the developing image is as big as you've set it under Corona Render Settings.    All fine and well,  except often that image size is quite big indeed and can fully dominate one's computer monitor.

I simply wish one could manually resize the developing image during an interactive render,  up or down by percentage,  same as you can do in a Final render mode.

Thanks,  ras
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2021-06-02, 14:52:37
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A request that's already on file :) Meantime you can limit the maximum size the IR window will take up, so that it doesn't dominate the monitor.