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RegionRender (daily builds only) (WIP Script & help wanted with dotNet)


Hi guys,

Script here:

I've developed this script solely with Corona in mind. Think of it as a mini-render dialog and test render tool. I have the script hosted on scriptspot and I wanted to share with you guys. See screenshot  below. As you can see from the old version I've added quite a few additions.

Some things about this script:

* When selecting from the dotNet dropdown it selects and changes the current viewport to that camera.
* Region and blowup toggles
* Displace toggle. Disables displace and therefore scene parsing. Good for test rendering.
* Resume render
* Two x's left and right are multiplying x2 (left click) dividing/2 (right click) the resolution of the output for both x & y.
* x in the center is for multiplying x2 (left click) dividing/2 (right click) the resolution of the output for x and y together.
* Dialog remembers screen position.                                 

What I'm missing from the functionality is:
* I want the default text of the Combobox to be 'Choose Camera...' with a list of cameras below which I already have.
* Renaming of the selected camera directly inside the ComboBox. Tabbing or hitting return will rename the camera.
* If I change a spinner/s it will rename the selected camera. (See screenshot of script, I want the 900 + 900 to change the camera name to 'Camera002 900x900')
* If I tab out of the ComboBox then it will go over to the Wpx: spinner.
* When a camera with correct formatted name is selected form the dropdown box is selected i.e 'cam name 1000x600' then the spinner dimensions change and so does the output resolution in max. This will allow the output resolution to be automatically changed depending on the camera name.
* Callback functionality. Basically if I right click in the viewport when Region render is active then the button will de-active also along with the region render. My future plans...
Are mainly allowing to render out the preselected cameras but for now I'm happy to get the above to work.


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