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Free 3D Tree Model


Hi everyone.

We are here to give one of our trees for you.
Hope you enjoy.

Best used as a proxy in order to conserve resources.

The model is fully textured and shaded for Corona Renderer. Just drop to your scene and use the Either such or as a proxy.

Modelled with Onyxtree, the tree includes realistic features such as:
- Scale real-world,
- 4 types leaves for added realism,
- Translucent materials for the leaves

Facebook page -
Download link -

Some examples we made with our trees

Thanks for the model! Mind if I ask what lighting / environment set-up you are using for the renders? HDRI or Corona sun / sky? Looks like real natural day light without too much of a colour cast.

Hi agentdark45

We hope it is useful!
The iluminaçãos all scenes were just with Corona sun / sky


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