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create iridescent material

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I am statib, I am a new user
I'm trying to use crown render, as an engine for virtual sets and interiors

I'm trying to create a material for mosaic iridescent and I would like some advice, in particular how to structure the material on crown

this is the effect that I would get

ps: sorry for my english :)

Most simple way I can think of is to use falloff map in reflection's colour slot. But this gives you only a two-colour gradient. Making a rainbow-like reflection would require an awkward set of falloff maps.

Found a better solution:

In material's reflection colour slot add a CoronaColorMapper map. Then inside of it, as input map, add a standard black and white falloff map. Inside CoronaColorMapper map you can change colours of your gradient.

ooooo thk

I try now your solution

Nice, you can post the result here,17.0.html


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