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Procedural steel cable


Fully procedural. Be awared, that material contains bercon noise maps, so if you don't have them installed, you may get error message. Good thing that those maps aren't vital for materials looks, so you can easily switch them off or replace by native noise. In attached video is shown, how to prepare mesh for this material.

Material is tuned to best fit ~2cm diameter cable. If you need other diameters or your system units are other than cm, you may have to adjust displacement level in main "steel" material. All 3d procedural maps are converted to 2d, so hopefully, you don't need to adjust them on unit conversion.

If you enhance this material or make it more simple, please, do share results with comunity.

max 2014 version, only.

Thanks !

It was what I had looked in 3 weeks ago...


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