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Idea for Material library

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Hi!. This is my scene for material library. It is far, far from perfect. It need lot of fixes. But it is some start.
I think is good for first atempt, and i hope that someone else will tray to make own material in this scene.
Scene included in atachment. Enjoy!!!.

it would be beneficial if you make the scene with 3point light setup.
And maybe some form of color coded floor (like grey scale 0 - 25 - 75 %) or RGB stripes.

But all and all good idea that should be encouraged

The idea is good and i think it will be possible after some time due to its importance.

But   i don't like the model test here !

:). Whell... As i say. Model is far away from perfect, and it is not nesesary to use it. It is only idea, but ofc i can make diferent model and enwironment for material scene.

Maby someone else can make another model, beter, fancyer and so on. I promise that my next model will bi beter. Maby we should make some litl chalenge for material scene?.

i like the general direction of the idea!


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