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Please can someone help me? I need a way to use a Backround image but also while using DoF in the scene too. Currently my Background is blurred too while using DoF. Thanks!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds version 2
« on: 2018-05-17, 09:05:10 »
Maybe already reported but, when i create a CoronaCam from view the "targeted" checkbox is checked but the camera is without a target. I need to uncheck and check the targeted checkbox to get my target again. (running latest build)

Hi, small update here. Maybe i got the issue on my system now.

I just had to remove the RAM and reinstall it again. After that the problem seems to be gone now.. Meanwhile i had parsing times over 7 minutes on a high poly scene (~35mil) and i noticed that RAM is increasing pretty slow.. also when i closed max it took several minutes to drop the ram usage.. As i'm working with confidential material i could'nt upload something till now.

But yeah.. since RAM reinstall i didn't had this issue anymore.


Just tested on another scene with less poly count and the problem isn't noticable..
What i just noticed is that while parsing the scene the ram usage is increasing very slow in render window (if parsing time takes longer than usual).
So there is something with RAM usage causing this problem maybe?
With small scenes you even don't notice this issue while you get that slow down with >35 mil. poly scenes.

what I was wondering is if this only happens when you restart IR within a few seconds of stopping it
This was the first i thought too but i tested it already and only the second attempt is slow. So if i cancel the 2. attempt the 3. attempt calculates fast as the 1. one. But randomly i get this issue while working on the scene.

Also, is it in every scene, or just particular scenes?
Every scene and i had no issues on my Intel system. The scene i'm working on worked well with Intel.


i just switched to a new WS with an AMD Ryzen TR 1950x from Intel i7-4770K.

I have this little issue with parsing time when i'm going to re-render something. On the first render it gets calculated in few seconds. But when i cancel the render and hit render again the parsing time takes 1-2mins until it starts to render again. This is pretty annoying when you work with IR.

Is this a known issue on AMD systems?

Hi i made a short tutorial on how to setup corona to render caustics!

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Caustics and dispersion
« on: 2018-02-18, 09:54:04 »
I did a short tutorial for rendering caustics with ease in corona:

[Max] I need help! / Re: Link CoronaTriplanar
« on: 2018-02-15, 09:48:26 »
Oh cool! That's something i looked for! Thanks a lot.

But is this working only with slate material editor? Any idea for compact material editor?

[Max] I need help! / Link CoronaTriplanar
« on: 2018-02-10, 16:26:08 »
Don't know if this is already been discussed but is there an option to link a CoronaTriplanar within a material? Like if you're using Diffuse Spec and Bump textures which is different but have the same coordinates...

I'm looking for a solution on this as i always pay attention to make changes severall times within an material. I think this can be handled smarter.


Sometimes when i render over a backround image i want to blur my rendered objects to balance with backround image. But the blur or sharpen option affects backround too. Maybe a checkbox in the corona output which can be activated to disable this. Normally i want to keep my backround image as it is.


[Max] Bug Reporting / blurred backround image with DoF
« on: 2018-01-25, 00:43:06 »
i found a bug where backround images (direct vis override) get blurred dramatically when DoF is enabled. I tested this with CoronaCam and a Standard Cam.

Currently i can't use a backround image with DoF which is sad. I'm running 1.7 hotfix2

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: CoronaMtl UI improvement
« on: 2018-01-09, 16:09:19 »

I really would love to see more space when typing decimals like 0,333.


An resolution override and lock for IR would be really great.

since we have the switch between spherical and dome in HDR images, me and many other users would love to have the feature known in Autodesk VRED where you can animate the projection of your HDR dome. It is really easy and fast to set. Also it produces correct motion blurred reflections too.

Head over to 9m25s to see this awesome solution.

I would love to have a gizmo like geometry in my viewport where i can set an animation AND where i can also scale the projection dome. This is really handy if you have a HDR on a Road for example.

I also made some examples for you guys just to see how much better it is to have this kind of ability.


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