Author Topic: will upgrade from a 3930k to...3950x in a wekk, any hands on experience please?  (Read 862 times)

2022-06-27, 12:42:45


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 Hello all,
my current machine's corona 1.3 benchmark is: duration:4:40, ray/sec: 1.735.030
so even my gaming machine 4790k from 2012 is
I think i should buy an 3950x with 32gb ddr4 ram and a 120mm AIO cooler.

Do you have any other recommendations? I am expecting a 4 fold increase in rendering time reduction. The benchmarks from other users suggest it would be even more than 4x increased performance. Hearing your  hands-on experience would be nice...

Do you have any warning or recommendations?

Which ram clocks speed would you recommend or does it matter for corona rendering?

for cooling the 3950x at stock speeds would require a 120mm raditor.

THat's it for now, thank you