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Full project as a 360 tour you can see here:

Faith. Since childhood, we have been taught that this is the last thing left when all is gone. Ancient people believed in Gods, trying to find an explanation for natural phenomena they did not understand. But the modern world has shown us that as society develops, the role of religion declines. With each new day, man begins to believe more and more in himself and his own strength, finally takes responsibility for his own life. Religion is more and more reduced to tradition.
But what happens when the world as we know it collapses? When every new day could be the last... When everything you used to live for simply ceases to exist.
Will a man be able not to doubt himself and endure all the trials? Or will he lose himself and become a part of a cult?
Understanding this is a long and hard road for one to travel. Alone against the world, alone with his demons.
Good luck, human!

Some Still shots:

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These are amazing

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+1, excellent, remind me a bit of Tales from the loop
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