Author Topic: Corona Renderer 8 for 3ds Max - Daily Builds Discussion  (Read 38688 times)

2022-01-13, 09:25:56
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I'm using currently the dec. 6 Build. I'm experiencing the issue again, that during network rendering, the rendertime is constantly growing. This was an issue with version 6, but with version 7 it was solwed. Now I'm rendering an animation, and the rendertime is growing over time. If I stop the process (stop all nodes) and restart the rendering again, the rendertimes become shorter again.
I'm using pulze render manager, but with Backburner it's the same...

2022-01-14, 15:09:52
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UVW randomizer and multimap can now use multiple randomization methods at the same time, instead of selecting just a single one. Note: The randomization seed has changed so scenes may render differently than in previous versions

This is great.
Any chance it can be added to scatter? I always felt that the randomization algorithm in Corona Scatter was not random enough.

Disclaimer: I'm not using Corona 8 yet.