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Gallery / Re: Ananya
« Last post by Maybejensen on Today at 08:04:14 »
Going straight into the "inspiration" folder. May I ask which animated trees you were using?
[Max] I need help! / Re: Varying GI between renders
« Last post by PastaJackal on Today at 07:47:19 »
okie dokie, looks like I may have discovered the cause. The glass which the sunlight was passing through was made with a corona physical material. Tested with both thin and no thin selected and was getting the same error. Switched to legacy and it works fine. Might be something for the Corona team to check out if you're not already aware of it :)
[Max] I need help! / The problem with the environment
« Last post by PolyakNeDrunya on Today at 07:38:35 »
Recently, I needed an environment in one of the scenes. I added it but the whole background was white. Then I removed this environment.
This time, I made a scene in the same file, deleting all previous objects, but when I made a new scene in the same file and I have in the scene, without a file in the "environment" - there is still a white environment. And I need to remove it. But no matter how I tried, I can't!
Please help friends!
I have attached one of the scene files that has been rendered and shows the white environment.
[Max] I need help! / Varying GI between renders
« Last post by PastaJackal on Today at 07:33:23 »
I had this issue with another scene where I spent hours trying to find the fault without success. In this fresh scene I'm getting the same problem where the GI shifts in value every time I render.

In the below example I move the render region down each time I restart the render to illustrate the shift in lighting. The past scene had more dramatic differences which makes it very difficult to conduct revisions on future versions of an image.

Render settings as shown

[Max] Bug Reporting / OSL, CoronaAO, mix different UVW channels
« Last post by karnak on Yesterday at 18:38:27 »
Corona version is 7 hotfix 1 and 3dsmax2021.

Text and images to reproduce:

1)   OSL: Checker with UVW set to Map Channel 1.

2)   OSL: Checker with UVW set to World.

3)   OSL: Noise with UVW set to World.

4)   Mix using a CoronaMix. Ok.

5)   Mix using a OSL: Mix (color). Ok.

6)   CoronaAO set to Inside.

7)   Using the OSL: Noise as AO distance. Ok.

8)   Mix using a CoronaMix. Ok.

9)   Mix using a OSL: Mix (color). Issue.

I think there is an issue with UVW coordinates.
Only CoronaMix seems to be able to correctly read UVW coordinates passing through CoronaAO.
Gallery / Villa design
« Last post by mhmdrezza on Yesterday at 17:59:19 »
This project is done by De materia Design Group
The area of the building is 330 square meters, which was designed and executed in 2020.
And the 3d Visualization of this project was Mohammad Reza Fooladi (@mhmdrezza.fooladi)
Gallery / Re: Alternative emotional approach: Fisheye and CloseUps
« Last post by aaouviz on Yesterday at 17:41:21 »
Really nice images. Well done.

I often struggle with such nice balanced environment lighting like you've done so well here.

May I ask what your set-up is here? Cheers!
Gallery / Alternative emotional approach: Fisheye and CloseUps
« Last post by Helldoor on Yesterday at 14:50:25 »
Hey there folks,

Happy New Year to you all!

Today I wanted to share with you my last project. The interesting thing about it is the backstory on why the clients even contacted us: The thing is, they already had technically very okay looking visuals for their project. But they still lacked something - authenticity and atmosphere. So, with the last small part of their budget they came to us, asking for exactly that - an quick and down-to-earth, but emotional view on their project. I built it up, played around with the cam positioning and lighting, and this is the result - simple, but impactful.

Hope you like it.
All the best
Helldoor (@helldoorvisualstudio)

Gallery / AWAKENED
« Last post by Vikch on Yesterday at 14:01:38 »
"Awakened" is a set of visualizations of Icelandic nature. These images inspired by real photos
Software used : 3dsMax + Corona Renderer 6, Gaea, Quixel Megascans, Photoshop

Full project also available here -
                               and here -
Jobs / Re: Hiring Senior 3D Artist at Top London Studio
« Last post by egorkalab on Yesterday at 13:50:34 »
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