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My system:
iMac 2015 i7 32 Gb ram
C4D R23
Running the beta CR 7 daily builds. Very happy about version 7 btw.

All my renders are VM. I use the hair tool to brush ground cover on my landscapes. Huge amounts of data :-)
VM ia around 40Gb or a little less. You can see the renders here on the top left.
Images are rendered at around 2400x2400 p. Renders up to around 200 sl. Rendertime around 12 hours but at about 10 min reasonably at 5 or 6 sl. Scene parsing 5 to 10 min before render starts. I wonder if GPU render engines or a PC (instead of a Mac) would reduce parsing times. Actually parsing times slow down my design process much more than render time. After 1 or 2 minutes rendering I can evaluate the image. But because of parsing times I can only do 4 or 5 image evaluations an hour.

I would love to see a option within corona where corona would use virtual memory without any warnings or crashing the system. I most often have scenes with a lot of vegetation and my systems do not have enough ram. But corona renders just fine using virtual memory. its just a hassle to get passed the warnings and crashes.
Maybe a bug still but I always need to restart before rendering a scene using virtual memory. Otherwise corona crashes.

Your right about sending a crash report to help out.
I did not experience such a crash after that one. I normally also do not really do crash reports since I am not that frequently using corona. I never know when its the software or me at fault . The latter usually the case.

I am working with my m1 laptop a little more these days. If there anything to report I will let you know. I did notice the fonts of the corona VFB like Tone Mapping and LUT do not match the rest of the fonts on my m1.

Off topic but Surface Spread is a lot easier and quicker to set up. I have sets of Surface Spread templates with ground cover and plants. Very easy to scale and randomise. I don't use C4D daily so I tend to forget Mograph settings much quicker than the straightforward Surface Spread settings.

C4D crashed the MacBook when I tried zooming in for a new render.
Hopefully Laubwerk and Corona will not let us wait for long for native versions. It took Laubwerk a year to update Surface Spread for R22.
If your on a Mac and doing archviz, C4D, Corona and Laubwerk are a great combination. But I always feel that there is a mismatch with updates, version, OS etc. I am in the market for a much better workflow considering all the hassle keeping stuff tied together.

Did just a quick test with Laubwerk trees, 21 trees in total.
The image is 1280x720
Computing GI took a long time though.
About 750 % CPU usage. The M1 does not do hyper threading.
About 30Gb of virtualised ram.

See attached image for the stats.
Macbook does not really get warm even after 10 min rendering. It actually keeps rendering just fine while I am typing this message.

For me doing some work at home in the evening, testing scenes, materials and so on the MacBook seems to do fine.
Wonder why computing GI took a little longer than what I am used to on my iMac.

Hi, I did not really render a project but did some tests with Laubwerk trees. And it actually did fine under Rosetta. I think slightly faster than my 32Gb iMac i7 from late 2015.

I just did and it runs fine indeed. tx

I am just hoping the Corona team will provide some updates on developments for Apple silicon. C4D works very well and Vectorworks is great on the m1. If Corona also joines the club I might still be working with Mac's for the foreseable future. New iMac's will propbably be available around March. But I have hopes I will be able to do some work on my m1 laptop with Corona any time soon.

your right, I could just stay with corona on a pc.

But I see here at the office what people do with Lumion and once I go PC,  I might go for Lumion (will never be available on a Mac) as well. Its just that I am used to Apple now for over 30 years and I like the Apple ecosystem and looks of the hardware. Corona made me stay so far. I am an architect and the typical render workflow of the past 15 years is fading to easier to use and much quicker app's. Obviously with a bit of a price to pay in terms of image quality. My clients don't see the difference though. Pressing a button and wait for things to see is no longer for this generation of architects. Its all real-time now. Apple has lost it basicly with architects in general. But what kept me going on a mac was really Coronarender. If Corona is not going to support Apple silicon or new iMacs are a bit of a let down I will for sure in the second quarter of this year start investing in a PC with Lumion or get myself familiar with Unreal Engine.

Whats really funny actually, that the number one reason people are so taken with Unreal or Lumion, or even Redshift, is not even real time feed back. Its the cinematic atmospheric volumetric effects. To get something simular in Corona is possible but extremly timeconsuming. In Lumion its instant with the click of a mouse. Almost any image in Lumion looks fantastic, the sunrays through the trees and windows. Its just so very easy to do.

Would love to see an update on progress for Apple silicon. I don't see any developments on the roadmap.

Corona is one of the few really good render options we have on Apple hardware icw C4D. The reason I might hang on to Apple for while more. But if Corona isn't going anywere on the new Apple silicon I might give up and go PC/GPU.

So, Corona team, any news to share or an update on what to expect ?

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Plants in Corona
« on: 2020-12-14, 01:16:10 »

I have a number of renders with Corona that use virtual memory on a 32Gb 2015 iMac and still getting reasonable speed. So maybe the ssd on these m1 macbook's and mini's will help to render the occasional bigger file.

tx Corona team, I am looking forward to the update for Big Sur. I hope as well that Corona will get a native support and especially before Apple updates iMac's.

I would love to get some updates by the Corona team about Big Sur & Apple's ARM. The new macbook's M1 turn out to be very fast on Geekbench.

I am an architect and Corona/C4D is still one of the best, maybe the only option I have on a Mac. I might just not yet move to PC.

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