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Strange squares with Adaptive Light Solver [EDIT]

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Hello to all, I noticed on my renders (latest release of corona) some strange squares on walls.
No overlapping polygons and nothing else on the scene.

If I turn off the "adaptive light solver" the squares goes away...
Any tips?


find the solution. Seems to be the TONE MAP CONTROL shaders into the Panoramic photo on outside of the apartment, if I toggle the shader all squares disappears...I think there is a sort of bug here.

We have a very similar case reported for 3ds Max (Report ID=CMAX-852), but just in case, could you please share your scene with us at

I've edited the message...look my test above on pictures...anywat thanks I will do a report asap.

By latest version, you mean V11 Hotfix 2? Thanks for the update, I tried to recreate it but could not. We look forward to hearing from you. :)
(Report ID=CC4D-709)

During filling up the support request ...I noticed now the Hotfix2, let me try that...I just downloaded it...


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