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Copying and Pasting Objects messes up the materials. Help!

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I have different scenes which quite often have the same items in them. Therefore, I'll tend to copy the object from one scene, then open the other, then paste it. When I do this, the materials go bananas more often than not. Sometimes It'll just do straight swaps of my base colour materials, sometimes it'll just switch off the transparancy. Sometimes the translucency of my liquids and stuff will be completely wrong.

I've tried saving objects out, then merging them into my new scene (which is an absolute pain in the arse anyway) but its still goes wrong.

Is this a known bug? Is there a fix? It's happening to my colleague too so I know it's not just me...

Hi there, sorry for such a delay. We somehow missed your thread. Can you let me know what version of Corona you are using? Have you also tried testing the latest V12 daily build?

I'm on version 11.
I've since realised it's when you paste something in which has materials of the same name. It'll sometimes 'merge' them. Which is disastrous in most cases if you're like me and don't name all of your textures....
I'll have a look at that other build when I get a moment.

I always assumed Corona would merge materials base on name alone as each material can have drastically different contents. I haven't run into this situation, but if it's true then Corona needs to do a scan of each to determine that they are indeed exact duplicates. In addition to that, a warning box should pop up informing you that the materials with the same name are are actually different and then ask if you want to merge or keep both. Something like that.

It's not difficult for the program to say "it's got the same name but IS it the same material? No? Let's import it as a new material" just like with any other material...


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