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Corona 11 Release dll. crash on Cinema 4D 2024.3.2


Salvatore CDA:
Hi, I have a crash using the IPR in Cinema 4D. The first render works but after starting the IPR the second time C4D crashes with the Error Corona Release dll
I did some tests and it looks like it is the round corner or the displacement that gives this error.

Unfortunately, I can't send the Bugrapport because the file I'm working on is under a restriction.

If someone had this crash and sent a Bug report and got an answer it would be great if the answer could be shared if possible. Big Thanks

Hi Salvatore,
no matter, if under NDA or for any other case, it's always best to create a simple exemplary scene containing only what's necessary to expose the bug. Also, in such case everyone willing can test and offer opinion/expertise.

Been looong ago since I had such crashes.

We can only provide a solution or fix something in Corona if we either reproduce the problem on our end (with a scene or exact reproduction steps) or get an error report/minidump file from which we can conclude what the culprit is. Please see:
Also please always share the exact version of Corona you are using. For example "Corona 11" or "Corona 11 Hotfix 1" or "Corona 11 Hotfix 2", etc.


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