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C4D crashes at closing file

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I notice that once a render is done and I save the files and close C4D, C4D crashes, not always but often especially when it's been rendering for a while. It's not a big problem since all is saved and done. This happened before now and then in previous releases and was solved as well.

Mac Studio 128Gb  m1
OSX 14.3.1 (23D60)
C4D latest update
CR latest build

Hi there,

I always get this with S22 on my PC. It still boggles me why. Are any bug reports generated for this? If so, can you please share them with me? Can you also tell me the exact C4D build rather than just the ''latest''? Thanks :)

2024.3.2 (Build 2024_3_2_351fac438984_1191380846) OSX
I am rendering now and will send you the report if it crashes again. Sometimes it never happens and then suddenly every time. But I think happens most frequent after rendering for hours. Not so much with test renders that take a few minutes.

Here is the crash report. C4D crashed right after I quit C4D.

It happens to me to all OSX machines. Every time I close C4D (at the end of the working day or similar) the C4D crashes..


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