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Watch Corona's PM Tom Grimes on the CG Garage Podcast


Teodora Mircheva:
Don't miss the latest episode of the CG Garage podcast with our product manager Tom Grimes who talks about Corona's product philosophy and reveals some of the features in the pipeline, including how it’s getting real-time functionality via Chaos Vantage.

00:00 CG Garage Intro
04:32 How "Half-Life" and 3D World inspired Tom's career
09:35 What Tom does as Corona product manager
12:10 How Corona is suited to archviz
17:55 Engaging with the community
20:23 The results of the Chaos/Corona merger
24:38 Corona, global illumination, and why it's important
29:27 Why defaults are often the best settings
35:53 Corona today and where it's heading
39:54 Interoperability standards for 3D software and renderers
45:22 How Corona approaches materials
51:39 Corona and caustics
55:17 Simplifying interoperability

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