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texture maps for distribution and other settings not working

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I noticed that setting texture maps like C4D noise for distribution is not working. Sometimes it does but mostly it does nothing. At least I do not see any thing happen in the viewport when changing settings for the type or scale of the noise.

C4D 2024
daily build
m1 Mac Studio

Previous project a 3Gb file, the maps for distribution did nothing but with this quick test all worked fine.


Problem seems to have gone. At times settings noise patterns does not make a difference although maybe just a matter of doing a restart.
RC3 seems to be a rather solid release. I haven't had a crash all afternoon doing a lot of scatter work with IR on. It's so nice to be able to play with the scattered densities.

Hi there, thanks for testing and letting us know. As for the noise maps, currently, simple UVW shaders such as noise should be used in UV(2D) mode for it to work correctly.

That must be it then since I usually work with cubic mappings. Will try to stick to UV for now.

I scatter now single leaves of grass instread of clumps. Graswald provides excellent assets for that. Like this I no longer need to edge-trim.
Not sure if this is specific for Coronarender but I love to edit sets of Corona materials and Chaos Scatters by selecting them all and edit without the need to edit them separately. I tried Redshift but it seems a hassle compared to Corona.
Corona scatter truly makes a big difference. I hope it's going feature gradiant dimming closer to the edges of a surface. Generating vegetation is so much better than placing assets with a mouse. For Blender Graswald provides assets with preset scatter settings and sells them as easily editable environments. Pity Blender is to slow for Archviz at any larger scale.


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