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New GPU for photogrammetry projects(high poly count)


At the moment I'm dealing with large poly counts while cleaning meshes from photogrammetry. The exact workflow isn't ironed out . I'm looking at Agisoft Metashape, Zbrush, Meshlab and Maya at the moment. I'm on a i7-5960X with sufficient RAM and a 1070 GPU. Editing ond orbiting in the viewport is quite slow. I'm wondering how much I would benefit from a new GPU- let's say a 3080. Anyone here who dares to put a number on this? How much faster I can get with new hardware...
Thank you!

James Vella:
I have a 3080 and do photogrammetry cleanup etc. I find the viewport very smooth with dense meshes in Zbrush - its designed with this in mind I suppose. I usually do the retopo, unwrap and then send back to realitycapture for texture projection before I bring it back to 3dsmax.

If you have a model that you are struggling with I can do a speed experiment for you or something along those lines for comparison.

FYI my 3080 is the laptop variant, but hasnt been a bottleneck for me at this point with the 16gb vram.

I think in comparison to desktop it sits just above a 3060Ti

Thank you very much. Yes, Zbrush is always smooth. Actually viewport in Maya is absolutely ok, too. Things change when I go to component mode, select vertices, delete them or convert the selection. This is terribly slow. But this is because of good old single threaded CPU-task. I think I rather need a new workstation.

James Vella:
Its not much different in 3dsmax, this is why I do cleanup and retopo in zbrush. I think your current GPU is good enough for this task if you say its smooth in Zbrush, its the limitation of Autodesk products (single core). I dont think you will get much improvement with a new workstation. I mean somewhat, but not huge (without knowing the exact specs of your current workstation, just guessing the generation based of your current GPU).

For example my 1060 laptop (compared to this 3080 laptop) its similar in terms of viewport performance, a bit better on the 3080 when dealing with large scenes. In Zbrush I haven't noticed a difference at all. The only difference I notice is render times, obviously because my 1060 laptop is an 8thread and this laptop is a 16thread so double the speed on that front. I could probably run benchmark tests to double check but really when you are dealing with Autodesk software its kind of a bit bottlenecked anyway so faster the CPU single core the faster things run in general, scripts, interface etc.

In the end if you want to upgrade thats your bag, go for it if you want. I just find that selecting/deleting vertex is based on this single core speed and if you want to upgrade for that maybe you get a 30% increase, dont quote on me on the numbers exactly but sure (also depends on the CPU you buy obviously). There are also better software/plugins for this, for example in 3dsmax we have Sini software. This works in multi-thread CPU for deleting large amounts of vertices or optimization in general. You also have Rizom UV for UV workflow which is multithreaded, Zbrush which has some magic I'm not aware of but works well for photogrammetry or heavy models etc.


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