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PC Build AMD Threadripper Pro 5955wx choise RAM


I am building a new computer for rendering in corona 3dsmax
spec: Asus Pro WS WRX80E
AMD Threadripper Pro 5955wx
I am facing the choice of RAM, please help me in choosing to make the rendering performance as high as possible
I would like 4x DDR4 REG 32GB/PC3200/ECC SAMSUNG, will they be good  ?

Nejc Kilar:

What I tend to recommend to my colleagues is to always stick to the QVL (qualified vendor list) as that thing is as close to 100% as you can get.

That said, I have a 5995wx on the ASUS WRX80 Sage motherboard and I opted to go with a couple of Crucial's Ballistix 3200mhz kits. I populated all the slots and if I recall correctly the thing isn't on the QVL list at all (Can't  double check right now as the website is down, it for sure wasn't listed with all slots populated though).

It works really great, fortunately.

I think 3200mhz is a nice sweet spot for Zen 3 TR so you'll be fine provided the sticks will work with the board. The maximum speed you can use with Zen 3 TR according to AMD is 3200mhz.

In case its worth anything to you, the rendering benchmarks I did with my 3970x (Zen 2) on 3600mhz vs 2667mhz showed only a very minor difference so going from 3200mhz to anything higher I think you might be getting into the "negligible" gains territory. At least for when it comes to rendering.

The above is obviously just my personal opinion but if I were to build another WS right now I'd probably again give another 3200mhz kit a go. For render nodes, I'd probably cheap out and go with 2667 or whatever is the official max specced speed.


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