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5950X/B550 AORUS ELITE V2 slow render performance [SOLVED]


Hi all,

Rendering on 4 PCs at work: My 7950X and a 5900X work just fine with no issues, but two 5950X machines have absolutely terrible render performance. CPU clocks appear quite low, and the images come out with ~20% noise in the same time the 5900X gets down to <4%.

In the image attached, you can see the noise pattern in the image is repeating rather than random, leading me to believe it to be caused by an artificial limitation from the specific motherboard (CPU spread spectrum or something related maybe, I'm going to play with settings and try to find out).

I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced a similar problem to this and knows a fix? Both boards are running the latest UEFI revision and have identical settings (PBO and DOCP enabled).


Fixed by updating Corona on the render nodes.

Nejc Kilar:
Happy to hear you've figured out what is up so quickly! And thank you for sharing the solution :)


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