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Still poor perfomance after hardware upgrade to intel i7 12700k

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Hi All,

  i have new system with intel i7 12700k,  Palit RTX 3060 12G , 64Gb RAM, Winodws 11

But with Corona v9 Hotifx 1 it is much much slower as my four years old AMD  ...
What can be a problen ?

At rendfering all core have a full load, but only if i disable E-Cores, but this not perfomance profit.

Did you try to run Corona benchmark and compare your result with the average time from the users with the same CPU?

no, but redndering on old Rysen 7 5800 - 30 Min, on new  i7 12700k - up to 50 min for the same

You mentioned that you had to disable e-cores. I think it's expected that if you disable some cores, the overall performance will go down. The question is, why do you have to cripple down your CPU? I think Windows 11 should be able to handle new generation CPUs reasonably well. Maybe you need to install latest updates on your OS?

If e-cores are allowed -  only 20% CPU load ....


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