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Corona V9 - Plugin Error

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Dear all,

I have this "Plugin Error" window coming out everytime I send a second render during my work, let me explain:

- I prepare my scene, send a render, then stop it, save it. Done.
- I set my second scene within the same file. Prepare camera, send it, and there it comes this window.

It looks like I can't never send two renders (one after the other one of course). I'm working with a Cinema 4D 2023.1.0 and Corona for C4D 9 (latest version).

Unfortunately I can't attach my scene as an on-going project in the office, but here there is the "Plugin Error" window and the .txt of the report

Thank you for your help,

Hi there, can you also try this with the latest Hotfix for Corona 9 and let us know the outcome?


thank you for your advise. I will try it now.
Do I have to do something specific with the version I have now before downloading this hotfix?

Many thanks,

Just install as per usual. This was released after you posted here. ;) I hope that helps.

Downloaded the new hotfix but the bug is still happening every time I start the second render


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